Wafi Aziz Sattar

Transubstantiating tutelage of the human mind,

Auspices for the bereaved departed,

Enslaved lived they now decaying in May,

The somber Senmurv sings the blue tranquility.
Lost offspring one and more to lusts of peace,

Temptations of malice on open seas of freedom,

What wrong did they – those warriors of August,

In blood bathed mothers and sisters and fathers.
‘Twas thus the year of broken silence,

Screams of fury from nonchalant abidance,

The time hath come to carry the war to lore

As one-line slogans filled streets galore.
For months on long they fought so brave,

Showers of shells all blazed mother’s grace,

But to fight for the single flower in bloom,

Let life be given, for peace face doom.
Thus an ocean of blood and rivers of tears,

Such an epic shall live on for hundreds of years,

Plucked too early from the harvest of life,

The youth enter martyrdom, no borrowed time.
Enigmatic souls, still inane by their age

Whose ostentatious vibrancy, left withering in time’s page.

Forget shall we ever, then never shall we be mourned,

They were sons of our motherland, in our hearts they are reborn.
The year etched in blood, in history confided,

Forgotten are so many, the victims subsided,

For humanity and tranquility to avoid this disgrace,

Not only for the sake of belonging to the human race,
Let us not forget the year for all to behold,

May nineteen hundred and seventy one thus be written in bold.

 The ImPerfect Circle

Wafi Aziz Sattar

They were the 2 halves that made the Perfect Circle,

Complementing well, they could win the world over

There were no conflicts, no tears, nor any fears,

Their mutual admiration was absolute.

But their mutual hatred outweighed it all,

Thus they were the ImPerfect Circle.

I am a Sidewalk Chalk

Wafi Aziz Sattar

I am a sidewalk chalk, I will keep drawing,

She is the clouds above I dream of, every grain.

When she does touch, she comes as the rain,

When she has departed, I am washed away by pain.
I am a sidewalk chalk, dreams of kids on sidewalks,

Rushed off, their imaginations remain stepped upon.

Earthworms die in my colors, tire tracks on dreams,

Blistered soles of vagabonds’ feet purify the streets.
I am a sidewalk chalk, a life to be short-lived,

With every stroke, I lose myself, I miss the rain.

Still awaiting, loneliness my companion in death,

Every day is a newer day, hope rekindled.
I am a sidewalk chalk, end one, I am born in another,

Impossibility is for humans, I, a freak, you, the queen,

My color, your vibrancy, my ostentatious urgency,

Heavenly, motherly, lovingly you are for my love every bit.
I am a sidewalk chalk, come now, come down once more,

Come as a cloud, come condensed, my tears be your rain,

Your fears, be my pain, you – an immortal Goddess of hearts.

Love lost never, hopes forever cherished is our memories I savor.

Abuse Me

Wafi Aziz Sattar

Go ahead cut off my roots, put me in a vase, water me, misuse,

Smell me when you need to, touch me when you want,

When I start to wilt, throw me away, for soon I will come undone.

Flowery life, dark the blend, this is how my story ends.

In a World of Truth

Wafi Aziz Sattar

Welcome to the world of truth

Where no one lies, and no one fools

In deception, the conception of hell prevails

In honesty the roots of love relates.
This is the world where no one cares

If you are a millionaire

Welcome to where you are no one

I welcome you, who are you son?

A Love Short-Lived

Wafi Aziz Sattar

January; we met at school, exchanging notes as our eyes talked cool.

February the month we began to date, imagining what will be our fate.

March, together we would smile, hand in hand under starry nights.

April came with our very first kiss, caressing touch, oh what bliss!
May rolled on and I never knew if I could ever hurt a girl like you!

June peeked in and we graduated, together we walked and celebrated.

July brought our hopes so high, lying in the beach under summer sky.

August broke the news of your cancer, teary eyed we had no answer.
September – your destiny unknown, my prayers rooted to the bones.

October blew the news you would go, tears and hugs so stole our show.

November came so cold and dark, as your death tore us apart.

December, here by your grave I stand, still loving, with a bouquet of flowers in hand.


Wafi Aziz Sattar

I wish I could share your sleep,

These nocturnal eyes they cannot seek

The light of dream that everyone sees

As I lay awake at sandman’s peak.
Hours, they feel like days to me,

Every minute passing is to tire

My sleep burning at the funeral pyre

The flames – so weak, I beseech be gone.
These eyes, they see the rising sun,

These eyes, they see the early morn,

These eyes, they see the fading day,

They see the nocturnal life in dismay.
I pray so please you share your sleep

With you I want to go so far

And in our hands we will hold the stars,

Be as one and never apart.
In clouds we rest, in dreams we glee,

And let heaven become our reality.